Greenleaf Massage Lotion

Massage Lotion - Duo pack




CA Greenleaf massage lotion focus on aches and pains caused by joint and bone diseases, reducing and relieving uncomfortable feeling and improving overall health condition. Greenleaf uses high-grade sustainable ingredients and a thoroughly researched production method that ensures their quality remains intact. The lotion is packaged in airless acrylic bottles that increase the shelf life of the product and minimize waste. CA Greenleaf massage lotion is safe and efficient to use, and concentrated formula ensures a long-lasting effect.

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100% natural, free of hormones, preservatives and chemical analgesics


Localized application making it easy to use for everyone


Tropical means no stomach irritation and minimized side effects


Concentrated solution ensures long-lasting effect with no risk of dependency

Target Areas & Functions

The CA Greenleaf massage lotion for joint pain is used to improve symptoms associated with the following diseases and illness.

  • Osteoarthritis related discomfort
  • lumbar spondylosis
  • herniated disk
  • spinal stenosis
  • hyperosteogeny
  • lumbar muscle degeneration
  • scapulohumeral periarthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • peritendinitis