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I am buying this for my husband who has had back pain problems for twelve years. His pain was dramatically reduced after using the first bottle. He will continue using the oil and we are hoping for a 100% recovery.
Sandra Young, 62 April 26, 2017
I bought my first bottle because of carpal tunnel syndrome. It works on me right away, I fully recovered after using the first bottle. I am also very happy with the customer service patiently providing user guidance.
Lynne Abramson, 57 April 26, 2017
I bought the massage oil for my grandma, who has spinal stenosis. She was having trouble getting up after sitting down. She felt a lot better after using the product for the first time. This really made my family happy! I will buy this again!
Kathie Dalton, 33 April 26, 2017
I bought the Greenleaf massage oil as a gift for my mother. She loved it and recommended the product to her colleagues. It's definitely a perfect gift!
Rod Keighley, 34 April 26, 2017