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Organic Body Massage Lotion & Oil

Greenleaf Health Care Inc. offers 100% natural massage oil, developed with natural ingredients extracted from purest herbs and plants. Integrating traditional Chinese herbal formulas with the Canadian unique plant species to develop 100% natural, concentrated solutions in the form of massage lotion and oils.

The extensive collection of organic massage oil provides complete soothing treatment for back pain, joints pain, shoulder pain, knee pain, elbow pain, leg pain, neck pain, spinal conditions and hand numbness. Whether you want massage lotion to treat your customers or want organic, sustainable and fully effective relief oil for self-treatment, Greenleaf Health Care offers the most effective formulation to treat and soothe the bones and joints.

Pure Ingredients

Our extracts originate from the purest sources

Joint Pain

Anti Inflamatory

Healthy Heart

Pain Relief

Skin Care

Natural Ingredients of joint pain organic oil

Natural extracts
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100% natural, free of hormones, preservatives and chemical analgesics


Localized application making it easy to use for everyone


Tropical means no stomach irritation and minimized side effects


Concentrated solution ensures long-lasting effect with no risk of dependency

Target Areas & Functions

The CA Greenleaf massage lotion for joint pain is used to improve symptoms associated with the following diseases and illness.

  • Osteoarthritis related discomfort
  • lumbar spondylosis
  • herniated disk
  • spinal stenosis
  • hyperosteogeny
  • lumbar muscle degeneration
  • scapulohumeral periarthritis
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome
  • peritendinitis



Greenleaf message oil perfect gift
I brought the Greenleaf message oil as a gift for my mother. She loved it and recommended the product to her colleagues. It's definitely a perfect gift!

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