About Us

Our Story

Blessed with a unique climate and rich soil, Canada is a home to a variety of rare species of herbs and plants. For years, Greenleaf conducted thorough research and multiple clinical trials, integrating traditional Chinese herbal formulas and continuously improving on the original formula. We have successfully achieved a final formulation that is suitable for relieving the symptoms of various types of bone and joint diseases.

About Greenleaf Healthcare

Based in Montreal, Greenleaf specializes in research and development of sustainable and healthy products made in Canada. By working with professionals and experts in the "green and healthy" movement, Greenleaf become a front-runner in the plant extraction and synthesis methodologies. We aim to promote a healthy lifestyle using all natural remedies.

The Process

By using a multi-stage still distillation and other purification processes, Greenleaf sets itself apart from other brands. Still distillation is a seperation process used to purify organic compounds. It ensured the quality of the plants and completely removes the molecules of harmful substances.

Breaking away from the mound, the Greenleaf research and development team innovatively incorporates Canada's unique plant species into Chinese herbal therapy. They have successfully combined the power of the plants with the distinct effects of Chinese herbal medicine.